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SIKA Flow Sensors: Over 50 Years in HVAC Excellence

SIKA flow sensors have been utilized in HVAC applications for more than 50 years. Used in high volume market leading appliances as well as innovative systems found in lower volume niche applications.

Bespoke Sensor Engineering

Standard SIKA products not fully meeting your needs? No problem, we can customize our sensors to achieve your exact requirements.

40 test benches used by our test engineers conduct more than 250 tests every year. Many of the tests are aimed to fully qualify SIKA sensors for difficult and demanding conditions that can be found in HVAC applications.

Inside SIKA Test Labs you will find test equipment including: temperature cycle facilities, water hammer test benches, rusty water endurance flow rigs, climate controlled cabinets, vibration test facilities, and many other customer defined rigs. Quality is our tradition, achieved by continuous testing.

Working in close cooperation with our customers the SIKA Test Labs qualify the OEM sensors by conducting a range of agreed tests and specific environmental conditions. Customer subassemblies consisting of pipe sections, heat exchangers, manifolds, and other components, can be tested together with SIKA sensors guaranteeing exact simulation, fully proving functionality and specification.

Heat exchanger for heating water

Heating water - Sensors in heating circuits

SIKA VK3 Flow Switches are typically utilized in heating circuits. The most common application is in air to water heat pumps. A lack of flow in the heating circuit during chilling or defrosting mode might cause partial freezing of the heat exchanger.

SIKA can provide customized flow switches to meet your set point requirements adapted to the individual needs of the heat exchanger, therefore detecting these critical flow values. SIKA flow switches help to prevent freezing in heat exchangers. The installation is highly cost effective since they can be inserted into existing copper pipes.

A flow switch also gives protection of the electrical back-up heater in the water tank against overheating in case of lack of flow.

Download VK3 data sheet

SIKA VK3 Insertion Flow Switch
SIKA VVX Flow Sensor

SIKA Vortex Flow Sensors are the latest technology in heating circuits of “air to water” heat pumps utilized by the leading global heat pump manufacturers. The flow proportional signal of the flow sensor facilitates a higher efficiency operation of the heat pump, in addition to the prevention of freezing in the heat exchanger.

100% of SIKA Vortex flow sensors get a calibration in a water test bench and are traceable via serial number.

Download VVX data sheet

Water being poured into a glass; potable water

Potable water - Sensors in fresh water stations

SIKA VTY20 Turbine Flow Sensors have a variety of different drinking water approvals. They are typically utilized in water heaters or freshwater modules to detect the demand of sanitary hot water.

The most common position of installation is at the mains cold water inlet. Their rugged body provides an ideal interface to the outer plumbing.

VTY20‘s excellent low flow performance and it‘s wide flow range are ideal for fresh water stations.

Download VTY20 data sheet

SIKA VTY20 OEM Flow Meter
SIKA WFI Temperature Sensors

SIKA WFI Temperature Sensors are very fast responding and are ideal for a fast temperature control. This means more comfort for the user of the hot water. They can be placed either at the cold water inlet or at the hot water outlet.

Download WFI data sheet

Potable water - Sensors in Heat Interface Units

SIKA VTY10 Turbine Flow Sensors are widely used for tap water measurement in Heat Interface Units (HIU). Providing an output signal from low starting flow rates, this signal can then be used to control the feed pump to operate with optimal variable speed.

The fast response and high resolution output from the flow sensor enables the HIU’s to quickly adapt to rapid flow rate changes, which means more comfort for the user of the hot water. The flow sensor can be utilized at the cold water inlet as the interface to the outer plumbing due to its rugged brass body.

The turbine flow sensor VTY10 is practically independent of inflow section and installation.

Download VTY10 data sheet

SIKA VTY10 OEM Flow Meter
SIKA WFI Temperature Sensors

SIKA WFI Temperature Sensors are very fast responding and are ideal for a fast temperature control. This means more comfort for the user of the hot water. They can be placed either at the cold water inlet or at the hot water outlet.

Download WFI data sheet

Potable water - Sensors in leak detectors

SIKA VTY20 Push-in Flow Sensors are easily integrated into bodies of domestic water treatment units. The most common application is in entry point leak detection units.

The turbine flow sensor measures the incoming flow rate to one or two family homes to enable the leak detector to differ between normal consumption and burst pipes.

You get the VTY20 capsule flow sensor with durable sapphire bearings and multiple drinking water approvals.

Download push-in turbines data sheet

SIKA VTY20 push-in flow sensors
Swimming pool with ladder into the water

Pool water - Sensors in pool heat pumps

SIKA VKX05 / VKL05 Flow Switches are typically utilized in pool heaters or pool water disinfection units. They can prevent overheating (heaters) or overdosing (disinfectors).

The flow switch monitors the flow rate and can easily detect pump breakdowns. The inexpensive insertion installation into DN50 or DN65 plastic pipes is the most common kind of installation. Metal free versions are suitable for sea water pools.

The pump monitoring is not affected by different vertical heights of pool or heater.

Download VKX05 data sheet

Heat Recovery unit

Heat Recovery - Sensors in heat recovery units

SIKA VMM Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensors provide the flow rate signal for pump speed control and for energy measurement.

• For determining the energy balance
• Measurement signal independent of viscosity changes
• Free pipe cross section, no moving or protruding parts
• No additional pressure drop
• Analog and digital outputs

Download VMM data sheet

SIKA VMM Flow Sensors
Refrigeration systems on rooftop

Chiller - Sensors in chillers

SIKA VHS06 Flow Switches are used for flow rate monitoring in a chiller.

By trimming the paddle length of these insertion type flow switches the unit can be both:
• Adapted to the pipe size DN 20…DN 200
• Set point adjusted to meet the individual requirements to protect the heat exchanger against freezing male threaded versions are available for steel pipes and versions with soldering adapters are available for copper pipes.

Both versions have an integrated union nut for easy installation and orientation.

Thanks to the trimmable paddle, one flow switch fits to pipe sizes DN 20...200.

Download VHS06 data sheet

SIKA VHS06 Flow Switch
industrial heating pipes

District Heating - Thermometers in district heat transfer stations

SIKA Industrial Thermometers are reliable temperature indicators for inspection and approval. They are maintenance-free and reliable for many years.

• Immersion lengths can be selected according to the nominal diameter and installation conditions
• Special solutions tailored to your applications are possible

For steel pipes, versions are available for welding in, alternatively versions with brass immersion tube and fixed male thread are available.

Reliable measurement technology from the inventor of the v-line industrial glass thermometer

Download 174 A / 175 A data sheet

SIKA industrial thermometer 174A

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