Temperature Sensors

As your dependable, able partner for special applications, SIKA assists you in finding an individual solution to your measuring problem, and develops temperature sensors that are tailored to your application. The focus here is on small and medium series. Resistance thermometers for temperatures up to 1000°C (1832°F), and sensors with modern bus systems, are testament to our technological leadership in a wide variety of applications. Extensive in-house manufacturing with modern production facilities enables the production of the most unique temperature sensors. To comply with the strict product requirements, SIKA performs numerous tests during development and manufacture.

Temperature sensors industry version
The engineering and machine construction require customer-specific temperature sensors for their special applications. The difference between serial and special manufacturing is only the mechanical structure of the sensors. The deciding criterions are the location, the determined medium, the process connection etc. We are in the position to manufacture special versions according to customer requirements at any time.

Temperature sensors marine version
SIKA has long-term experiences in the area of marine sensors used under extreme conditions in marine applications. Thus the internal structure of the temperature sensor is designed as a vibration resistant component. Continuous quality controls and numerous tests directly fitted to marine engines guarantee a high life expectancy. All sensors for marine applications which are manufactured by us, meet the required qualification tests of the relevant classification companies. We manufacture special versions of temperature sensors to customer specific requirements also in this marine area.

Temperature sensors HVAC version
We have developed specialized temperature sensors specifically designed and precisely matched for the requirements of the heating and air conditioning industry. Resistance thermometers such as Pt100 and Pt1000, thermocouples, and semiconductors as SIKA glass NTC and PTC thermistors have become established sensor elements in this field. Customers benefit from our decades of cumulative expertise when it comes to implementing bespoke solutions.