Industrial Thermometers

Since 1901, we at SIKA - Dr. Siebert and Kühn have produced precision measuring and control instruments. The original “SIKA” thermometer was developed and brought to production stage by the engineer Hans Siebert. For its basic mechanical design, Dr. Siebert and Kuehn finally received the patent no. 767477 in 1939. From those early days on, we have been manufacturing these thermometers solely in Kassel / Kaufungen – that is real quality “made in Germany”. Since their invention, SIKA thermometers have been the very embodiment of robustness, reliability and accuracy. They harbor knowledge of many details and the experience of thousands of applications. For this reason, they are now completely indispensable in marine engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, as well as heating and air conditioning technology. Over 15 million reliable temperature monitors have already been produced in Kaufungen. The advantages of a glass thermometer over other thermometers such as dial thermometers or electronic versions, are obvious: no mechanically moving parts, no material fatigue, no electrical energy requirement, but a high level of accuracy and a very long service life. In other words, as long as a glass thermometer is not mechanically destroyed, it remains accurate for the duration of its service life.

SIKA thermometers industry and marine version
The original SIKA thermometer in a high-quality V-shaped aluminium casing polished smooth on all sides, anodized in gold color. The display area numbers are imprinted in black on the right-hand scale, underneath the anodic coating. This ensures indelible, durable print locked inside the anodized layer. Our thermometers are available as standard in three nominal sizes, with each in straight or 90° versions and a variety of display ranges from -30...50°C (-22...122°F) to 0...250°C (0...482°F). In addition, we provide immersion tubes in brass, steel, stainless steel, special brass, or copper-nickel alloy, and a variety of optional connection types and threads. Our standard machine thermometer range encompasses more than seventeen thousand different versions. Apart from that, we manufacture a wide variety of custom designs to specification that are used the world over. On request, we can also manufacture the designs to specification for your series application. Contact us for details!

SIKA thermometers HVAC and remote heating version
We have modified and optimally adapted our industrial thermometers to the requirements in the field of heating and air conditioning applications. In this way, we combine a completely reliable measuring instrument with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Two different housing models and three different housing sizes are available specifically for heating and air conditioning applications.

SIKA thermometers special version
Mechanical parts, as well as glass inserts of our standard types, are produced in automated manufacturing processes. However, the glass inserts of special versions, e. g. high temperature versions are still produced by our glassblowers in traditional handcraft. Thanks to our long-year experience, we are in the position to produce custom versions on request. You can obtain popular types from us off the shelf or within a few days.