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Measure and calibrate temperature

In a large number of industries, temperature is one of the central measured variables. Its detection and monitoring is of the utmost importance in industrial processes and ensures that the quality of the products produced is always consistently high. Temperature measurement can be carried out using a wide range of measuring instruments.

With our many years of experience, we are your competent partner for precise temperature measurement and offer you an extensive product range - from machine thermometers and dial thermometers to digital thermometers, temperature sensors, resistance thermometers and thermocouples to combined measuring instruments consisting of analog thermometer and temperature sensor.

We are your reliable partner in measurement, control, and calibration technology and offer you a wide range of temperature calibrators and hand-held measuring instruments in addition to a variety of measuring instruments and sensors. The areas of application for our products range from projects in building technology to temperature measurement in large diesel engines on the high seas and are as varied as our customers.

Industrial thermometer 291 B

Industrial thermometers

Since their invention, SIKA thermometers have been the epitome of robustness, reliability, and accuracy. They contain the knowledge of many details and the experience from thousands of applications. That's why they are indispensable in marine technology, mechanical and plant engineering, as well as heating and air-conditioning technology.

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Dial thermometer 341

Dial thermometers

Our repertoire of dial thermometers includes dial thermometers, remote dial thermometers and bimetal dial thermometers. All thermometer versions comply with DIN EN 13190, class 1.

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KombiTemp K 422


The SIKA KombiTemp® consists of a SIKA industry thermometer and an electrical temperature sensor in the same housing and immersion tube of the machine thermometer.

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Digital thermometer DiTemp DT3-01

Digital thermometers

The DiTemp and SolarTemp series offer remarkable performance features for locally indicating temperature measuring instruments. This makes it possible to combine consistent accuracy with complete freedom from maintenance over the life of the product in one measuring instrument.

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Temperature sensor T10

Temperature sensors

As your reliable and competent partner for special applications, SIKA supports you in finding an individual solution to your metrological problem and develops temperature sensors tailored to your application.

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Temperature calibrator TP 37450E.2i

Temperature calibrators

SIKA's compact and robust temperature calibrators are easy to transport, simple to operate, and have all the performance features required for the test in question.

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Multifunction process calibrator MC 75 2

Process calibrators

Process calibrators measure and generate a wide variety of process variables. The portable, extremely handy instruments are ideal for on-site use.

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Hand-held thermometer UM RTD.2

Hand-held instruments

The handy and reliable instruments are used for measuring and recording temperature. The series are very flexible and are suitable for simple measurements as well as for special applications in the high-precision range.

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