Pressure Gauges

SIKA pressure gauges are quality measuring instruments for use in industrial applications. They are fitted with stainless steel cases as standard and comply with the EN 837-1 until EN 837-3 European standards. SIKA offers various models. All models operate on the same principle: elastic deformation of the measuring element (a bourdon tube) under the influence of pressure. This motion is coupled to a pointer mechanism.

Bourdon tube pressure gauges
Bourdon tube pressure gauges are the most common type in many areas and are used to measure medium to high pressures. They cover measuring spans from 600 mbar to 1600 bar. The measuring element is a curved tube with a circular, spiral, or coiled shape, commonly called a bourdon tube. This tube moves outward when the pressure inside the tube is higher than the external pressure, and inward when the internal pressure is lower. This motion is proportional to the pressure to be measured, and it is coupled to the pointer mechanism.