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Safe, on all seven seas

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Measuring and calibrating on ships - safety on the high seas

Safety on the high seas is crucial to protect the crew, passengers and cargo. Measurement and calibration technology plays a central role in ensuring that all systems on board a ship work reliably and precisely. This technology monitors critical parameters in engines and engine rooms, in exhaust gas purification and in air conditioning technology. Through regular calibration and careful monitoring, potential hazards can be identified and avoided at an early stage. In this way, SIKA makes a decisive contribution to ensuring the safety and efficiency of shipping.

Industrial thermometers

Since their invention, SIKA thermometers have been the epitome of robustness, reliability, and accuracy. They contain the knowledge of many details and the experience from thousands of applications. That's why they are indispensable in marine technology, mechanical, and plant engineering as well as heating and air-conditioning technology.

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Dial thermometers

Our repertoire of dial thermometers includes dial thermometers, remote dial thermometers, and bimetal dial thermometers. All thermometer versions comply with DIN EN 13190, class 1.

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Digital thermometers

The DiTemp and SolarTemp series offer remarkable performance features for locally indicating temperature measuring instruments. This makes it possible to combine consistent accuracy with complete freedom from maintenance over the life of the product in one measuring instrument.

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Temperature sensors

As your reliable and competent partner for special applications, SIKA supports you in finding an individual solution to your metrological problem and develops temperature sensors tailored to your application.

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Room condition monitoring

Room condition monitoring involves the continuous monitoring of indoor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. This optimizes energy efficiency and safety by ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.

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Pressure gauges

Pressure gauges from SIKA are quality measuring instruments for use in industrial applications. They are always equipped with stainless steel housings and comply with European standards EN 837-1 to EN 837-3.

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Digital pressure gauges

Digital pressure gauges are particularly well suited for both stationary and mobile measurement and display of pressures. Their use as a pressure reference makes it easy to check, adjust and calibrate other pressure measuring equipment directly on site.

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Flow switches

The comprehensive modular principle of SIKA flow switches offers you the optimum flow switch for your system or process. Depending on the load, you can select the right flow switch for your application from a variety of high-quality metal or cost-optimized plastic designs.

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Magnetic inductive flow sensors

Magnetic inductive flow sensors have proven themselves for many years in a variety of different applications. Whether robust industrial version or cost-optimized OEM version: SIKA MIDs are fast-responding, are not subject to mechanical wear, and are very flexible in installation.

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Oval gear flow meter

SIKA oval gear flow meters are displacement volume meters for measuring low-viscosity media. The robust housings are made of stainless steel or aluminium and are also available as high-temperature versions up to 125°C.

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Temperature calibrators

SIKA's compact and robust temperature calibrators are easy to transport, simple to operate, and have all the performance features needed for the test in question.

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Test pumps

The latest generation of SIKA test pumps combines precision - even at high pressures - with high processing quality. Depending on the model, either air, distilled water, or hydraulic oil can be used as the test medium.

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