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Monitoring fill levels

Levels are measured for liquids or bulk solids. In industry, a distinction is made between continuous measurement using level sensors and measurement of a level limit using level monitors.

In the case of continuous measurement of a level, the measured values are output as a signal in percentage, length, volume, or mass units. This can be implemented, for example, by a float or by means of ultrasonic measurement.

Level monitors monitor limit levels, for example, to prevent dry running or overfilling of a container. The measured value is then output via switch contacts. To use these switches correctly, their positions must be determined before installation and the switches must be adapted to the conditions.

The selection of the appropriate measuring method for your project depends on many parameters. We are your experienced partner in selecting the right sensor for your individual application.

Level switch VHS00

Level switches

The SIKA level switches are the simple and reliable solution for monitoring liquid levels. The proven float principle and a potential-free contact as a signal transmitter offer high functional reliability.

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