Magnetic inductive flow sensors

Thanks to the low price tag of SIKA‘s extremely compact induQ® electromagnetic flow sensors, this time-tested measurement method - deployed for decades in the field of process engineering - can now also be used in mechanical engineering and plant construction. Changes to the temperature, density, viscosity, concentration, or electrical conductivity of the medium do not affect the output signal. You too will be impressed by the benefits afforded by the induQ® series:

  • No moving parts
  • No mechanical wear (for aqueous media without solid fractions)
  • Free pipe cross-section → no additional pressure drop
  • Fast response (< 100 ms - depending on type)
  • Minimum inlet section requirements

Series induQ® VMI
Owing to its robust metal housing and stable metal process connections, the VMI series is ideal for use in the field of mechanical engineering and plant construction. Its design also makes it suitable for higher temperatures and process pressures, and the instrument is available in three different sizes.

Series induQ® VMZ
The VMZ is a magnetic inductive flow sensor for electrically conductive liquids and has been specially designed for OEM applications. Thanks to the use of cost-optimized plastic components, the VMZ is very reasonably priced, it has a compact and lightweight design and is available for six flow ranges.

Series induQ® VMM
The magnetic-inductive induQ® flow sensors of the VMM series are thanks to their robust design suitable for use in harsher ambient conditions. The steel fitting is fully welded and therefore very stable and insensitive to interference. The available nominal diameters from DN 32 to DN 200 cover measurement requirements for medium flow rates of up to 10 m/s. The large selection of high-quality materials provides for numerous application possibilities. Earth electrodes are available as an option. In addition, the VMM is available in both separate and compact design and is generally delivered with a calibration certificate. The electronic display allows customer-specific sensor configuration to meet the particular requirements on site.