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Who we are

Since 1901, we have been developing and producing high-quality solutions in the field of industrial measurement and calibration technology in Germany and have been offering a wide range of standardized and customized products for conducting temperature, pressure, and flow measurements for over 120 years. Our product range encompasses everything from classic industrial thermometers to flow sensors and high-precision temperature calibrators.

Based in North Hesse at home worldwide.

Founded in Kaufungen near Kassel, we employ around 380 people worldwide, with 11 subsidiaries and 138 sales partners on six continents, SIKA is right where you need us.

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Founded in 1901, we are what you call a traditional company. Eighty (80) years ago, we invented the industrial thermometer and we are proud of that. Since then, we have been developing and producing high-quality measuring and calibrating instruments in Germany with around 380 employees worldwide.

4th generation - Family business

  • 65 million € turnover (2022)
  • 3 production sites
  • 67% export quota
  • Production and development in Germany

Tailor-made service

Your serial application requires a customized solution? Talk to us! We support you already in the development phase and fulfill your requirement profile with a precisely fitting product. In our flow laboratory, we test our sensors in your piping if required and adapt them individually to your installation situation.


Founded in Kassel

In 1901 in Kassel, the pharmacist Dr. Carl Siebert and the glass and thermometer expert Albert Kühn founded the company Dr. Siebert & Kühn. The manufacturing and sales program includes high-quality precision glass thermometers and glass apparatus for laboratory needs. Under the direction of Albert Kühn, significant developments are being carried out in the field of glass thermometry, especially for high temperature measurements up to 625°C (1157°F). In this context, it is worth mentioning that Dr. Siebert & Kühn is considered to be the manufacturer of the first glass quartz thermometers. Due to their precision and reliability, the thermometers produced by SIKA became known around the world and received the highest degree of appreciation - various certificates bear witness to their superior quality.


Joined by Hans Siebert

The qualified engineer Hans Siebert, son of Dr. Carl Siebert, joined the directors of the company in 1930.


Hans Siebert takes over company shares from his father

In 1932, Hans Siebert took over his father's company shares, as well as those belonging to the Kühn family. For 36 years, until 1968, he controlled the fate of the company as the sole owner, with inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit, and he laid the foundations for the success of the globally active family company today.


Hans Siebert receives patent

In 1939, Hans Siebert was granted a patent for the SIKA industrial thermometer which he developed.


Increase in production capacity

The constantly growing demand for SIKA thermometers meant that the production capacity had to increase from 1940 onwards. For this purpose, a factory building in Kaufungen, just outside Kassel, was purchased and underwent extensive renovations. In 1943, the company moved to its new location.


Renewed upswing

After the turmoil of the war and the post-war era, the company experienced a revival in 1949 with the successful market launch of the SIKA industrial thermometer.


Conversion of the SIKA thermometer design to DIN

in 1952, once the SIKA thermometer had become the standard thanks to its good qualities and global recognition, the customers demanded that the SIKA thermometer construction become a German Industrial Standard (DIN). Under the chairmanship of qualified engineer Hans Siebert, a standards committee was founded, staffed by other industry experts. In 1961, this committee successfully completed what he had started - the approval of DIN 16181 to 16191.


Product range is being expanded rapidly

The transition which began in the 1950s, where SIKA went from being a manufacturer of laboratory glass thermometers produced individually to a mass producer of industrial thermometers, ended in 1962. To be able to meet the increasing global need among industry customers for temperature measurement devices with displays, the production range was promptly expanded to include dial thermometers based on various measurement principles.


Establishment of a branch in France

Foundation of the first foreign branch in France. SIKA France SARL is still based in Paris today.


Hans Siebert retires

In 1968, company owner Hans Siebert retired from the company for health reasons, and appointed Horst Maul as Managing Director, a staff member who had already been working as a commercial director since 1964.


The company grows

Since 1950, the number of employees has increased from 40 to 90. The site in Kaufungen, which had been chosen in the first place because of its expansion possibilities, offered adequate options for a two-story management building for sales and administration to be built on the premises.


Another milestone set

With the expansion of the factory building by a two-story addition, completed in 1971, the next milestone was laid to continue to secure and expand on the success of the long-standing company. In the same year, Hans Siebert passed away and left Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co. KG to his sons Werner and Christian.


Werner Siebert as new managing director

With experience in various companies both in Germany and abroad, the older son, Werner Siebert, joined the company directors in 1973 as the third generation of managing director. Under his leadership, the product range was further diversified and expanded - for example, the 4...20 mA transducer for temperature measurement developed by SIKA was patented. At the same time, SIKA was developing a product range to monitor and measure flow rate.


Production of hand-held temperature measuring devices

Production began of battery-operated electronic manual temperature measurement devices for laboratories and workshops. The production and sale of a vast range of electronic temperature measurement, control, and monitoring devices for all industry applications.


SIKA does pioneering work

SIKA did pioneering work in the area of dry block calibration instruments for calibrating temperature sensors from -55°C to 1,300°C for the quality control of industry systems.


New family member in the company management

After the sudden death of Horst Maul in 1985, qualified industrial engineer Christian Siebert was a further member of the family to join the company directors in 1986 as managing partner. The clear separation of and concentration on different areas of business led to the consistent further development of the product range.


Foundation of SIKA Systemtechnik GmbH

When SIKA Systemtechnik GmbH was founded, the SIKA company group established itself in the area of Flow Measuring Instruments. SIKA represented tailored solutions in particular for original equipment manufacturers (OEM customers) in the industry.


Production area is expanded

The production was expanded by an area of ​​1,000 m² over three stories. In addition, new social spaces for the workers were created as part of the expansion.


New product line

A two-story addition to the north face of the existing office building allowed for more office workspaces.

With the market launch of SIKA's turbine flow sensor TURBOTRON, the company had made the first move towards tapping into new markets in flow rate measurement. This product family is subjected to constant further development and is adapted to suit the market requirements, and has been marketed with success up until the present day.


Establishment of the DKD laboratory

The creation and accreditation of the DKD laboratory for temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and dry block temperature calibrators in 1995.


Foundation of SIKA Aquatec GmbH

SIKA Aquatec GmbH was founded in 2000.


Newly developed product series

With the completely newly developed TP 38 000 series, SIKA is successfully reacted to the growing market demands in temperature calibration technology.

Based on modern electronics, a thermometer operated with solar cells was developed for the local temperature display.


New expansion

The spatial capacities had to be expanded once more. With a three-story addition to the existing factory building, room was created for new offices, production rooms and social spaces over an area of ​​1,570 m². Qualified industrial engineer Sebastian Siebert, son of Werner Siebert, joined the directors of the company.


Presence in China and the USA

SIKA USA Inc. was founded in 2004 in Sturtevant, Wisconsin.

SIKA also started building up a presence in China.


Use in the marine sector

In the marine sector, the development of the TP 17 000 series from the dry block calibrators expanded to the product range to include a device for quality inspections on ships.


Extension with calibration baths

The TP 17 000 series was expanded to include calibration baths.


Business premises extension

Further business spaces for sales and management were added.


Expansion of the sales department

The positive development of the product range and sales figures in Flow Measuring Instruments required another expansion of the sales department, which was achieved by constructing a new office suite.

As a result of intensive development work, a modern series of magnetic-inductive flow rate measurement devices could be presented to the customers.


New temperature measuring devices

Temperature measurement devices in the SolarTemp 850 series, developed especially for the use on large diesel engines, were brought onto the market.


Werner Siebert retires

In 2010, Werner Siebert withdrew from the operative business as a member of the management board, but remained connected to the company in a consulting capacity.


Foundation of SIKA Korea Ltd

Founding of SIKA Korea Ltd. At this time, the fourth overseas branch.

Expansion of the production capacities for magnetic-inductive flow rate measurement devices with the takeover of Zénon SARL in France.


Over 300 employees

The long-term success of the family company, in its 4th generation at this time, were based on the ability to combine tradition and specialist competence with a joy of innovation, quality and a modern management style, as well as on the dedication of over 300 employees. More than 30 engineers and technicians worked in the research and development, construction, the calibration laboratory and quality assurance, and they contributed to securing the company for the future by way of a continual expansion of the product range to include innovative and profitable products.


Further expansion of production lines

The product range of high-quality temperature calibrators was expanded further to include dry block temperature calibrators TP 37165E, TP 37166E and TP 37200E. EAch has an innovative touchscreen control surface.

A strong/good business year in 2014 and a sharp rise in demand for Vortex flow sensors made it possible to expand the production lines at the Kaufungen site. To allow for future expansions, an additional 6000m² of land was purchased near the headquarters in Kaufungen.


New subsidiaries

The restructuring of the product areas meant that the company could focus on the needs of the customers much better than before. Needs can be recorded and processed simply and independently of the measurement method.

As the fifth sales branch, SIKA Instruments UK was founded in the United Kingdom. We were also delighted about the establishment of a sales office in Austria.

The introduction of new temperature calibrators, as well as the further development of our extensive range of temperature, pressure and flow rate measuring devices bear witness to the continual expansion of our high-quality product range.


New managing director

Klaus Rümler joined the company management as a new managing director. Together with Christian and Sebastian Siebert, he is to guide the fate of the company and make it fit for the future.


Sixth sales subsidiary

As the sixth sales branch, SIKA Austria was founded, with its registered office in Vienna. This branch handles the customer support and the support of sales partners in Austria and the Balkan countries.