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Industrial Thermometers

Details of Design:

Casings - Aluminum, V-shaped, completely polished , gold colored, anodized (or silver colored upon request). Numerals of reading scale printed on the right side. Printing black colored for easy readibility. Adjustable to any desired viewing position and locked by brass nut, spanner size 22mm. Angle thermometers (90 degress) have grooved adapter piece with set screw. Advantage: When mounting the thermometer, it is not necessary to turn the casing.

Glass Inserts (Capillaries) - Capillary tube of solid glass, bar-shaped, prismatic (optic enlargement of the column), diameter approx 6mm, oval opening, with yellow background for mercury and white background for blue fluid column. Calibration is deeply burnt, in black, thus being absolutely resistant. The main graduations, which correspond with the printing ont he casing, are especially clearly outlined.

Capillary Fluid - For standard executions from -60° to +200° C, blue fluid and red fluid repsectively, for -60° C. For temperatures of more than +200° C, only mercury columns are possible. Upon request, thermometers can be livered with mercury filling from -30° C onwards.

Accuracy - About 1% of maximum scale value, for themometers with mercury column. The accuracy of thermometers with an alcoholic fluid meets DIN 16 195 requirements and, consequently, corresponds with the requirements for local reading thermometers.



Industrial Thermometers
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